Stefan Grasse in Scotland

Three dates have been announced for Stafan Grasse in June
A selection of pieces by Thomas Brendan Wilson and John Maxwell Geddes

7th June 2015, 3pm
Cottiers Theatre, Glasgow

9th June 2015, 7pm
Maclaurin Galleries, Ayr

11th June 2015, 7pm
The Charles Rennie Mackintosh Church, Glasgow

John Maxwell Geddes             Elegy (2013)
Thomas Brendan Wilson         Three pieces for Guitar (1961)
Thomas Brendan Wilson         Dreammusic (1981)
John Maxwell Geddes             Callanish V (1985)
Thomas Brendan Wilson         Soliloquy (1968)
John Maxwell Geddes             Stars Over Carnac (1997)
John Maxwell Geddes             Nocturne (2009)

CD Guitar Works by John Maxwell Geddes (XoloCD1040, Galileo MC)
CD The complete Guitar Works by Thomas Brendan Wilson (XoloCD1039, Galileo MC)

New website launched!

Today sees the launch of our new website which allows mobile and tablet users to more easily access our pages.

The blog style News page will also make updating the site with details of performances and new media releases much faster.