Thomas Wilson - Composer


Symphony No. 5 1998  2222/2Horns/2Trumpets/Timp/Perc/Strings Commissioned by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. “Thomas Wilson is Scotland’s uncelebrated musical treasure.” 27′
Guitar Concerto 1996  Solo guitar Sts. 33221 (minimum)/1Perc,Vibes,Bongos Commissioned by Phillip Thorne. 20′
Violin Concerto 1993  2222/4331/3Perc/Timp/Pf Cel/Hp/Strings Commissioned by the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland and BP for Ernst Kovacic. “The Violin Concerto compelled from its wistful, oboe-tinted opening, to its emphatic, rhythmical, final foot stamp.” 26′
Carillon 1990  3333/4321/Timp/Perc/Hp/Pf/Cel/Sts. Commissioned by Glasgow city council in 1990 as part of its European City of Culture celebrations, as the inaugural work to celebrate the opening of the city’s new Royal Concert Hall. “A teeming effective scherzo in which the clatter of glockenspiel and anvil, picturing Glasgow’s industry, also gave a hint of chinoiserie.” 15′
Symphony No. 4 (Passeleth Tapestry)  1988  3333/4331/Timp/Perc/Hp/Pf/Cel/Sts. Commissioned by Renfrew District Council together with Strathclyde Regional Council to mark Paisley’s 500th anniversary as a Burgh of Barony. “A Major of Wilson’s most vital and sustained large-scale statements.” 28′
Viola Concerto 1987  2222/4321/HP/Pf/Timp/Perc/Sts. Commissioned by James Durrant with assistance from the BBCSSO Trust. 25′
Concerto For Piano & Orchestra MP3 extract (1.2MB)  1985  3333/4331/Timp/Perc/Hp/Cel/Sts. Commissioned by Bryden Thomson for David Wilde and the BBC Philharnomic Orchestra. “I believe this the finest essay in the medium ever by a Briton and one of this most sparing and introspective composer’s greatest achievements. The ear cannot but be beguiled by the subtext of a succession of ravishingly beautiful sound worlds. Absolutely fascinating” 28′
Introit 1982  2222/423/Timp.Anvil.SC/2Perc/Hp/Pf/Cel/Sts. Commissioned by BBC. “The work is undoubtedly one of the finest Thomas Wilson has so far given us. Every note is essential, and many a composer has said very much less while taking twice as long doing so.” 25′
Symphony No. 3 1979  3333/4331/Timp/3 Perc/Hp/Pf/Cel/Sts. Commissioned by Musica Nova. 25′
Threnody 1970  3333/4331/Timp/Perc/Hp/Cel/Pf/Sts. “A strongly wrought symphonic poem, dramatic and impressive” 18′
Concerto For Orchestra 1967  3333/4331/Timp/Perc/Cel/Pf/Sts. “This masterly work is a composition of great emotional intensity and extreme sensitivity to texture and colour. Everything in this magnificent work gives the impression of inevitability coupled with individuality – the distinguishing stamp of a masterpiece.” 18′
Touchstone MP3 extract (4.5MB)  1967  3333/4331/Perc/Hp/Cel/Pf/Sts. Commissioned by the BBC for the Henry Wood Promenade Concerts. 10′
Symphony No. 2 1965  3222/4231/Perc/Hp/Pf/Cel/Sts. “For the more adventurous musical minds, Thomas Wilson’s second symphony was the highlight of the programme.” “Darkly powerful.” “Thoughtful, purposeful, and by no means inconsiderable. The composer is a constructionist and can well afford to be.” “An interesting and important work” 23′
Variations For Orchestra 1960  3222/4231/Hp/Timp/Sts. “Tremendously impressive..brilliantly colourful..lively and accomplished” “Wilson’s scoring is as lucid as his musical thought.” “The young composer has an ear for the most softly shimmering orchestral colours.” “His variations had an overall character of their own that was tremendously impressive” 18′
Toccata 1959  3222/4231/Hp/Timp/Sts. “Brilliantly colourful, live and accomplished, the nature of the scoring and counterpoint had in fact close links to Hindemith” 8′